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These Cabbage Patch Kid items are sized for the 16" Cabbage Patch doll.   The Cabbage Patch Kid (if pictured) is not included in the sale.  In this Accessories section, I've grouped the other Cabbage Patch items I have for Cabbage Patch dolls.  

All Cabbage Patch Kid doll items produced by Katiyana's Collectibles are handmade in a pet free and smoke free environment, and custom made for you.  These items are hand knit or machine knit (see description) by myself using 100% acrylic yarn. They're very easy to put on and take off for young children who are dressing up their dolls.  Please take into account time for knitting and shipping when making a purchase of hand knit doll clothes.  

I pack and ship your Cabbage Patch Doll items with extreme care, and include care instructions with every order.  Shipping & Handling charges will also apply as shown here.  

If you want to pick a custom color for the doll items for your Cabbage Patch Kid doll, please select “Other” from the dropdown menu, and I will email you for your specific information when I confirm your purchase.  All Cabbage Patch doll items are custom designed for you.  Free free to give me any and all input you have for you Cabbage Patch Kid doll clothes.

To check out some of my other Cabbage Patch Kid clothing visit my Cabbage Patch Kid Clothes page.


CABBAGE PATCH KID Item A001:  $1.00 each .
Cabbage Patch Doll Headband Cabbage Patch Kid headbands made in multiple color options, stretches easy to fit around the forehead


CABBAGE PATCH KID Item A002:  $12.50 each
Cabbage Patch Doll Blanket Machine knit blanket with hand knit centerpiece in the picture motif of your choice - the one pictured is butterflies


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