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Cabbage Patch Kid Doll History

Here's a little history on the Cabbage Patch Kid doll. It was invented in 1976 by Xavier Roberts. They were originally called 'Little Person' and all Cabbage Patch Kid dolls were made by hand. Xavier Roberts started Babyland General Hospital where you could adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. In 1983 Coleco Toymaker started to mass-market with the name of Cabbage Patch Kids.  Many variations and speciality types of Cabbage Patch Kid doll came out that you could style their hair, feed, and pets like the Horse were developed.  Other sizes like Cabbage Patch Kid Preemie and Cabbage Patch Kid Babies came out as well.

American Girl Doll Background

The American Girl doll is produced by Pleasant Company and features female characters from different historical eras of American History, including Revolutionary War, World War, Native American, and Immigrants.  All of my American Girl doll clothes should also fit other 18" dolls such as Our Generation.  I use an Our Generation doll as a model for my handmade American Girl doll clothes, and use her measurements as I design new doll clothes.

Bitty Baby Doll Background

The Bitty Baby doll is also produced by Pleasant Company and features female characters from different historical eras.  They also produce the Bitty Twins doll and the Hopscotch Hill doll as well, and I have begun to design clothes for them.  All of my Bitty Baby doll clothes should also fit other 15" dolls such as Baby Born.


New Product Designs Now Available

January 2005 : Katiyana's Collectibles is excited to offer two new designs to my Picture motifs for American Girl Doll, Cabbage Patch Kid, and Bitty Baby dolls.  These new designs are a cancer awareness ribbon and a multicolored Easter Egg.  New designs are being created all the time, and I welcome buyer suggestions if you are looking for something I don't currently have available.  If you have difficulty finding anything, please feel free to email me directly.


Our primary product line is hand knit doll sweaters and other doll clothing & doll accessories.  Currently we have doll clothes designs for American Girl dolls, Bitty Baby dolls, and Cabbage Patch Kid.  We have over 30 different handmade doll sweater designs currently in our collection, any of which can be made in the size of one of the above dolls.  Please check out our full selection of picture designs for  Cabbage Patch Doll, American Girl Doll, Bitty Baby Doll, and Hopscotch Hill Doll.

All handmade doll sweaters are made to order in the colors of your choice using 100% acrylic yarn.  We also do custom, specialty orders for stuffed animals or other sized dolls, or personalizing a design such as adding  initials, including a child's name, etc.  Here are some examples of my work - click on the picture for a larger version of the picture.:

American Girl Doll Clothes Valentine Outfit

Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Clothes Shamrock Sweaters

Snowman Tabletop Decoration Christmas Decoration

Our other main product line is handmade Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations & ornaments.  These holiday decorations include bells, snowmen, ghost, black cat, pumpkin, and Jack O Lantern motifs, and can also be made in various size and color combinations.

To see our current selection of handmade doll clothes & holiday designs, please click an option  below:

Handmade Items Gallery 

Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Clothes                                                  Halloween Decorations

               Cabbage Patch Kid Sweaters  - Picture Designs

American Girl Doll Clothes                                                             Christmas Decorations

               American Girl Doll Sweaters - Picture Designs

 Bitty Baby Doll Clothes                                                                  Miscellaneous Items

Hopscotch Hill Doll Clothes


My website is equipped with a Paypal shopping cart for purchasing my handmade doll clothes and holiday decorations.  Add items to your shopping cart by using the drop down menus to make color & style selections, and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.  After selecting your items, click on CHECKOUT from the shopping cart to go to Paypal and pay for your purchase.   You need not be a member of Paypal to pay with your credit card via their system!

Solution Graphics

If you wish to pay via a method other than Paypal, these orders can be made via email or via a mailed in order form.  Please include in your email the following information for each item ordered:

1)  The Item or Design name and Item Number, 2)  the Doll the item is being purchased for (if purchasing doll clothes), 3)  your color preferences, 4)  the quantity of each item, and 5) style options (varies by doll brand)

I will confirm your order, gather any additional information required, and send you your total due and payment options.  I accept Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, or Money Orders.  For buyers who choose to mail payment, I will start sewing your order when your payment has been received.

I have created catalog pages with order forms to assist you in shopping my website.  Just click on the link for the doll size you are interested in purchasing clothes for.  The first page is a summary of items & prices, and the second page has an order form.  Smaller catalogs are all on one page.

                        American Girl Doll - Our Generation Doll- 18 inch dolls

                        Cabbage Patch Kid - 16 inch & Soft Sculptured

                        Bitty Baby Doll & Bitty Twins

                        Hopscotch Hill Doll Clothes

                        Halloween & Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Place an order by Email

Another option for purchasing any of my handmade items is my eBay Storefront - lots of Cabbage Patch Kid Clothes available, as well as clothes for American Girl DollBitty Baby Doll, and Hopscotch Hill Doll.


I do take custom orders and requests for new designs for American Girl doll clothes, Cabbage Patch Kid doll clothes, Bitty Baby doll clothes, and Hopscotch Hill doll clothes.  I'll also take new design ideas for Halloween or Christmas handmade items.  You'll find a Custom Design in each of the Picture sections for each doll.  If you would like something custom made for you more specialized or complicated, or you have questions or suggestions about the site – please email me at the link below:

Email Katiyana

I'm excited to be a producer of quality handmade Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Clothes and look forward to sewing for you!




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