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Welcome to my Cabbage Patch Kid doll clothes department.  Here I have sweaters, other clothing, and accessories for the 16" CPK dolls.  Clothes for other sizes of Cabbage Patch Kids can be ordered as a custom order and will be priced accordingly.

Basic Designs is for basic pullover style sweaters, Cable Twist is for a style of sweater with a cable stitch design, and Pictures is for the many picture motif sweaters I have designed, including a number of holiday themed items.  You can find pairs of pants on my Other Cabbage Patch Kid Doll clothing page, and make complete outfits!

Shipping/Handling fees for Cabbage Patch Kid doll clothes are as follows:  For US buyers, see the table below.  For International buyers, please email me for a price quote.

Total Cart Value Shipping/Handling
$1.00 - $9.99 $2.25
$10.00 - $29.99 $5.50
$30.00 - $59.99 $8.50
$60.00 - $99.99 $11.50
$100.00 + $15.50 or by agreement

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